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About Anchor

I've been interested in hair since I was a child, and into theater since junior high. When I had the opportunity I went to beauty college, graduated, and then worked in a salon only to discover that wasn't for me. I then went with my backup plan, theater (yep, my backup plan was theater ... my parents were so thrilled, haha), where I worked in costuming primarily, which opened the door for me to do wigs for shows.

When I later moved to Florida, I discovered that employment at theme parks worked a bit differently, and I didn't get the chance to work with wigs as often. Such as things happen, though, one project for a friend then turned into another for a different client, then another, and then yet another, till now where I have a thriving wig business and get to work with some fabulous people! Celebrity tribute artists, incredibly skilled cosplayers, drag queens, and once again some theaters with my wig rental service.

As I often say, I live a weird life and I love it!


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